Sowing the seeds of smarter marketing for brand & product with Barenbrug


Wanting to make their use of events in the agriculture sector smarter, Barenbrug turned to us for tailored support and coaching. Running a workshop on the role of events in the brand and marketing strategy of Barenbrug, we helped bridge the gap between sales & marketing across their events.

Meanwhile, Barenbrug were also delivering technical product data and research to their agriculture audience, with the need for a more creative and engaging way to deliver this in digital video.

Multiplying strategy and tactics for more success across the marketing mix

Connecting up sales and marketing is key to a functional funnel, and we love funnels, but for many businesses these functions sit too far apart. Recognising this issue in their own business Barenbrug’s team were pro-active in bringing these functions back together and enlisting external support to help better connect brand building and top of funnel functions with their exemplary bottom of funnel sales specialists across the UK. 

Seeding brand consistently for greater grow

Barenbrug boasts a distinctive and clearly considered brand palette. Respecting their brand and using it consistently in creative ways across channels is how we help them harvest greater returns without harming the central tree of life that is their brand equity
Image Development Barenbrug Seed Competition mockup Visual scaled

Extending the reach of creative campaigns across channels is one way we continue to support Barenbrug's marketing team defending and growing their position as a market leader in grass seed.

Image Development Barenbrug Ballot Box Mockup Visual scaled