Rewiring a brand to connect clients with a new business model


Rebrands are a rarer recommendation, but sometimes they can be a real option, especially in the case of Laressi. With a complete rewire of their business, services and staffing, Phase 3 wanted a complete refresh of their image and position in the market.

Saturated by a sea of ‘experts’, ‘trusted partners’ and ‘skilled specialists’, we wanted to make sure the new Laressi brand could stand out. Naturally creating points of parity in the highly technical world of mechanical and electrical services, we also helped Laressi create a more unique position, connecting a new brand identity with their impressive practical overhaul for a future focused brand.

Image Development Laressi Postitioning Statement in Colour
Distinctive brand iconography helps in the first challenge of salience
Image Development Laressi Logo In White Graphic
A simple pallete of brand assets helps give Laressi the tools to build business through brand

First comes salience. Then starts the creation of stronger, stickier loyalty built on a better use of brand

Initially our focus was creating a palette of distinctive and functional brand assets. Avoiding industry clich├ęs, we created a fresh identity to help Laressi stand out in the market. We also helped define a deeper brand position versus competitors, setting the foundations to build relationships with clients beyond price or product.
Image Development Laressi Van Design Graphics
Image Development Laressi Stationary Mockup Designs

Starting with a spark, let the power of brand build

Launching a new brand into a market is often a long-term game for the likes of Laressi. Brand building takes time and the course of that energy can change as the business and brand grows. Starting out with a potent spark and a smart strategy scaled to the stage of your business is where skills like ours add strength to start-ups and established brands alike.