Pentaco Construction

Building a better business with a brand revitalisation for Pentaco Construction


When it comes to brand building, a total rebrand is not usually one of our recommendations. With Pentaco we flirted with that line a little. Leaning towards revitalisation, our aim was to preserve the values and structures already building the business, but use brand as a real asset to boost business growth moving forwards.

Beginning with a request to look purely at brand identity, this quickly evolved into a broader and far more beneficial partnership. Bringing in our expertise in brand strategy and marketing we supported the revitalisation of Pentaco’s brand, with continuing work on a range of projects building on their ‘new’ brand.

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'We knew strengthening our brand and increasing brand awareness would be important to growing Pentaco. With Alex and his team we found the ideal partner to make this happen, giving us expert support to roll-out our new brand.'

Gavin Napper – Managing Director, Pentaco Construction
Pentaco Brand Manual

With multiple and often unique touch-points across their construction business, we helped effectively communicate the revitalised Pentaco brand inside and outside their business.

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Little touches like mugs consistently connect brand and build salience with on-site teams & visitors
Pentaco meet the buyer event graphics
Brand building extended internally & across Pentaco’s supply chain to great success
Taking a bricks and mortar brand to digital using animation and top-quality video
Image Development Pentaco High Viz Vests
Linking brand with storytelling we provided brand photography guides and coaching

Bringing a 'new' brand together for a business built on collaboration

The balance between respecting the heritage of a brand and moving it forwards is always a fine one. With a nucleus of passionate people at the heart of Pentaco, we knew change would need to be managed. Consistently using brand assets and reinforcing the brand position, we helped the Pentaco team roll-out their new brand with confidence and clarity.
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Using brand to build success that scales

Consistency in brand strategy doesn’t mean the use of a brand is always identical. With specialised communications like tenders for projects, recruitment initiatives and award submissions, we continue to support Pentaco in using their brand to maximum effect across a range of important mediums.
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Lose the false binaries to build a better brand

If you prefix brand or marketing with ‘digital’ or ‘traditional’, you’ve already limited your scope. For a brand and brand identity like Pentaco’s working across so many different mediums, we knew we needed to understand the breadth of brand applications beyond the binary.
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Acting as the foundation to the next stage in their growth, Pentaco’s brand revitalisation was just the start of an incredible and rewarding partnership. We’ve been fascinated and incredibly grateful at the scale of  trust and projects Pentaco continue to place in our hands. We’ll be sharing more of these projects as we progress…