Simon Watson Photography

A wide-angle brand image for building a more diverse business


With a business tied to those tying the knot, Simon recognised the need to branch out to a broader client base. Experiencing the lasting effects of lockdown, Simon had already changed his approach to photography projects to bring in more commercial and business clients, but was reaching a plateau.

Simon asked us to help continue this process, helping him create a new brand identity, structure and website. Coaching him on how to use these new tools to better market his services, Simon continues to grow new business in new sectors, scaling his services with better tech and fresh techniques.

Image Development Simon Watson Photography Website Mockup with business card

Bringing brand and founder together for broader appeal

Brand can be a big word to throw around when it comes to smaller businesses. It operates differently at smaller scale. We knew that much of Simon’s strength was in his personal approach and skills, so those need to be our foundations for his ‘brand’…which is in essence, him.

Working with Simon, we captured his passion and personality whilst adding in greater market orientation to content and communications. Coaching Simon on effectively entering these new markets, we helped him structure, create and populate a brand to help broaden his opportunities and win more work.

Can you be a one man brand?

Many brands started with a single person, a founder with a vision. But they weren’t the ‘brand’ when they began. Understanding where a business and brand is in it’s journey is crucial to scaling marketing strategy and creative for greatest effect. For Simon, his brand is growing, but keeping our services set on him, his business and capabilities has been key to success both now and for the future.

From wide-angle to close up, we helped Simon build a brand fit for business