Sungard Availability Services

Driving digital transformation gets physical with Sungard


Operating in the world of IT and digital disaster recovery, Sungard have often relied on us to translate their brand and services into the physical world. With a long history of successful event marketing and brand experiences, Sungard wanted to bring their digital transformation services into a new event.

Supporting them with graphic design for events, we also considered new concepts for animated digital graphics to elevate the wider digital communications for Sungard.

Sungard availability services Graphic Collage

Attraction, interaction and building brand awareness in events

‘Glitch & Putt’ is just one example of the simple yet effective ways brands can engage their audience. Blending digital with physical, we created a memorable on-brand experience to get people talking about Sungard across the entire life-span of their event.

The 'Image' connection extending beyond events...

Sungard is a great example of the relationships we’ve built across our Image businesses. Beginning in event marketing, we’ve proven our creative chops and strategic eye with Sungard in numerous projects. Seeing the wider support we could and often did offer them, Sungard became a client of Image Development too. So whilst we’ve now considered our consultancy services as a separate business, we know these connections are what make us an even smarter partner for brand, marketing and creative projects.