Up Connect

Creatively connecting an up and coming business with the right clients


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Up-Connect came to us as a new brand focused on solving the challenges of connectivity in infrastructure and property.

Freshly founded but growing fast, we were asked to upgrade their core marketing communications. Understanding their stage of development, we focused on delivering clear consistent use of their brand with engaging content that connected specifically with their client needs.

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Consistency and specificity can be great tools when building brand image, especially for younger businesses entering a market.

Connection across
communication channels

Considering a mix of marketing channels is often a positive exercise. Working with Up-Connect we provided consultancy on how to get the most out of the event marketing medium, coaching on communication techniques and how to plan and manage their events to add the most value to the marketing mix.
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Product & promotion as marketing partners

With a new EV Charging scheme, Up-Connect again entrusted us to develop a creative set of materials for their marketing. We helped them develop a product position for their EV Charger scheme, targeting landlords with a digital flyer promoting the mutual benefits and unique services on offer.
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